There are so many Super heroes such as Iron Man, Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Flash, Hulk, Thor, Black Panther, Batman, Batgirl, Wonder Woman and yes, the list is endless but doesn’t everyone, collector or not, have their favourite? There are of course just as many Super Villains for the Super Heroes to battle with, first in comics and then later in blockbuster movies such as Spider-Man, X-Men, Avengers & Fantastic Four. Our aim is to provide difficult to find and highly sought after key comics for avid comic collectors and to provide the opportunity for lovers of comic based movies and movie characters to buy an original piece of comic book history and possibly a great investment for the future.

Why Investor Comics?

Rare Stock

We sell Rare and collectible comics from publishers such as Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image, Boom Studios and Valiant. Silver Age comics through to Modern Variants and limited editions. We also sell Signed comics verified through both CGC and CBCS and original comic artwork.

Expert knowledge

We recognize that there are many reasons to buy or collect comics and there are also many types of collectors out there. It’s our mission through years of experience in the market place to find the rare collectible comics and original comic art and to offer them to fans of comics, movies and the characters in cool and creative ways.

Trusted by customers

Our Ebay feedback speaks for itself and here are a few examples: 

Excellent seller, very much appreciated.  I 100% recommend checking out investorcomics!  Great communication. A pleasure to do business with.  Amazing! High recommended! Will buy again

We stock tonnes of titles

Marvel & DC titles from Silver Age to Modern Age

Why we buy or collect comics

We believe that comics can be enjoyed in many ways.

For some, it’s all about the reading and the great story lines, new and old. For others it’s about the history, the age and smell of an old comic book and the hunt to find a rare old copy. Some want to complete a run of comics in a particular title and some will only collect a certain grade. For some it’s all about finding key comics with important first appearances of characters. Some just love the incredible artwork and the rarity of modern variant covers. Some collectors are buying for investment but will no doubt proudly display the comics that they are lucky enough to afford to buy. Whatever collector you might be, we hope that we just might be able to help you find the comics that you enjoy….