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Batman: Three Jokers – One just isn’t enough?!

Batman Three Jokers is a comic book miniseries written by Geoff Johns and with Jason Fabok doing the amazing internal artwork and the cover art. Also, Brad Anderson was the colourist.

It was a long awaited miniseries that tackles many things including the history of The Joker and the fact that previously Batman had discovered that there are three Jokers active in the DC universe. All three Jokers seem to have different characteristics of Jokers past and present.

Whatever you think of the storyline, you have to admire the cover art! Jason Fabok has done a great job with the different Batman, Batgirl and joker images on the covers. There are many variants but the three main Joker images are depicted by the green embossed writing on the front covers.

Investor Comics have secured several full sets of signed, verified and graded Three Jokers comic books in 9.8 grade and slabbed. They look stunning all together mounted in order as seen in the images below. So, to answer our own question. No, one Joker isn’t enough! You definitely want all three of these….

We also have two sets of limited edition 1:100 black and white sets which we will be offering for sale sometime in the future, all of which are signed by Jason Fabok. Ask for details.

We only have 5 of the colour sets available and 2 of the B & W sets. These will be available to buy on our ‘Signed Presentations’ page on our website here

Be under no illusion, this is a rare opportunity to buy signed and high graded copies of these stunning comic books!!

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